Snow & Ice Management

At Shields Facilities Maintenance, we understand the mission-critical importance of keeping our customers’ team members and guests safe. In addition to being safe, properties need to be clean, slip-free and inviting to guests. Weather patterns continue to shift and can create a challenge for our customers. SFM differentiates itself from other snow and ice management providers by creating carefully designed programs to address rollout, execution, review and budget requirements. Each of our clients is unique and has distinctive snow removal needs; we customize our snow removal programs to meet those needs.

Available Services:

  • Plowing, stacking and hauling with state-of-the-art equipment for exceptional efficiency and speed
  • Ice management and walkway strategies that reduce risk exposure and liability
  • Rigid pre- and post-storm processes to ensure complete engagement from all stakeholders
  • 24-hour storm management with rapid response and fast completion
  • Selective assignment of service partners to ensure performance and flexibility
  • Flexible pricing based on your needs, with fixed per-push rates, event-based pricing or seasonal rates

We offer all the critical components of a snow removal program:

  • We maintain 2 command centers that operate 24/7 during all weather events, monitoring storms well in advance of the event and minute-by-minute through the event
  • Our dedicated account teams conduct pre-storm, in-storm and post-storm communication with stakeholders
  • Our programs ensure a match between service partner and site to ensure adequate equipment capabilities
  • Our robust third-party weather monitoring partner allows us to provide accurate snow forecasts and snow totals
    • Allows us to be prepared pre-storm
    • Enables us to validate all services and charges and provide accurate customer billing
  • We rely on our proprietary mobile application to validate all services performed
  • App provides geo-coded on-site arrivals and allows for before and after photos
  • We manage slip and falls and claims administration, in addition to indemnification protection
  • We insist upon a robust insurance program, including $10,000,000 in excess liability insurance for enhanced protection
  • We will always provide our service guarantee: if you are not satisfied, the work will be redone to your satisfaction at no charge

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