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Shields360 Technology

SFM has built a technology-focused platform to drive efficiency, transparency and real-time results for our services. Shields360 is a purpose-built end-to-end solution that offers full-circle dispatch, tracking and reporting of work orders, field inspections, CRM and service partner geo-coded performance. In addition to Shields360, SFM fully supports and utilizes all client-preferred solutions such as ServiceChannel, Officetrax, Corrigo and many more.

  • Front-end technology approach, offering client logins with visibility to all aspects of work order management and field application controls
  • Back-end technology approach, providing all the value our system offers and timely updates into your work order system for a seamless operation
  • Proprietary Mobile Work Order Application to support:
    • Geocoded On-Site Arrivals
    • Before/After Service Photos
    • Service Confirmations
    • Site Manager Work Order Signatures
  • Business Reporting
    • Operational Service-Level Metrics
    • Program Financials
    • Driving Year-Over-Year Program Optimization

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Shields “Safeguard”

We Offer a Different Approach Through a Consultative Process with Shields “Safeguard” To Develop Client­Centric Solutions, Offering Operational and Financial Business Value.

  • Safeguard is a structured discovery process designed to uncover and support your specific needs through our business model and infrastructure
  • Typically includes one 60-90-minute meeting/conference call focused on the seven key tactical areas necessary to effectively manage facilities program services
  • This process focuses beyond our clients’ SOW content, driving additional value to our client relationships and overall program results
  • Our goal through Safeguard is to drive efficiencies within your operations through an engagement strategy that specifically addresses your unique program expectations and business needs
  • The results of this process are detailed within our internal Play Book, which is used as an internal training tool to support our final engagement strategy

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Service Provider Management

Our Service Provider Management will support your infrastructure, providing operational efficiencies to allow a more strategic focus for your management team and mitigate risk for your business.

Our model is built to support and elevate your facilities team away from daily tactical tasks into a more strategic role.

At SFM, we take our service partners through a rigorous vetting process to ensure capability, capacity and compliance. We have developed a curated base of service providers to execute our services and invest heavily in their success. We are committed to placing the appropriate service provider at each of your locations to ensure a successful outcome.

What distinguishes SFM from our peers is our expertise in sourcing, vetting and managing our service partners. These are continuous processes and do not end once we onboard a new vendor. We evaluate performance and provide ongoing training to ensure consistency and compliance to your scope of work (SOW). Curating our service partner network and ensuring and rewarding strong performance is the heartbeat of what we do at SFM and is where many companies stumble – this is what we do every day, and we know how to do it right.

We are extremely confident in our service partners and are proud to help them grow their businesses. In return, they perform at a very high level and help us grow our business.

Some steps we take to ensure our service providers and our programs are successful:

  • Follow a comprehensive and continuous vetting process for guaranteed provider compliance-risk mitigation
  • Carefully review vendor references to ensure best fit
  • Develop and nurture relationships with local providers to ensure commitments to your scopes and service-level expectations
  • Train partners on our proprietary mobile application to drive controls for site management, photos and work order signatures
  • Conduct preemptive storm meetings to ensure preparedness
  • Assess supply and equipment needs for all services and confirm service partners have what is necessary to perform to scope

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