Parking Lot Sweeping

Most parking lots are continually exposed to oil and gas from vehicles, dust, sand, dirt, foliage and trash. This debris contributes to the deterioration of paving material, can be tracked inside your buildings and can cause environmental harm. SFM can help you control this impact using state-of-the art equipment maintained at OEM specifications, reduce environmental impact and keep noise at a reasonable level.

Our parking lot cleaning programs are tailored to fit your individual specifications. We deliver cost-effective, personalized programs for your sites based on lot size and location, frequency of litter/dirt buildup and budget. We create efficiencies and cost savings by consolidating vendors and standardizing service. After surveying your sites, we provide a pre-set schedule and a cost per service based on the needs of each site.

Available Services:

  • Parking lot cleaning and sweeping (scheduled and on-demand)
  • Debris cleanup and removal
  • Parking lot striping
  • Paving
  • Building and concrete power washing
  • Seal coating/crack filling
  • Lot marking

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