Parking-Lot-services-300x199Parking Lot Services

Oil and gas from vehicles, dust, sand, dirt, and foliage accumulate around the exterior of your business. Not only does this material contribute to the deterioration of paving material, it is tracked into the interior of buildings, and fills the air and enters the water systems. You cannot avoid it but we can control it. At Shields, we partner with the most experienced, reputable parking lot service providers throughout the nation. Our fully vetted partners’ use the most state of the art equipment and maintain it at OEM specifications thus helping to eliminate performance issues, environmental damage and keeping noise at a reasonable level.

Our parking lot cleaning programs are tailored to fit your individual specifications. We deliver cost cutting personalized programs by consolidating vendors and standardizing service at all of your locations. We survey your sites and provide a pre-set schedule with pre-set pricing. A service schedule is determined based on the size and location of your parking facilities, overall litter/dirt buildup, conditions and your budget. We make transitions seamless by meticulously planning and managing your roll out over several months. From 100 parking spaces to 10,000 we are here to service you!

Let us show you how to save 5%-15% of your current expenditure when you consolidate your services nationwide!

Available Services

  • Parking Lot Cleaning and Sweeping (scheduled and on-demand)
  • Parking Lot Striping
  • Paving
  • Building and Concrete Power Washing
  • Seal Coating/Crack Filling
  • Lot Marking