Executive Team

Industry Veterans Who Take Care of Business…

We’re seasoned veterans with over a half century of experience. Our principals pioneered the industry and founded one of the country’s biggest facilities maintenance companies. Along the way, we noted all the ways to outperform our competitors and brought all those ideas together at SFM.

Why create SFM? Because we craved the warm, personal satisfaction of maintaining facilities the right way, the way that competitors can’t – or won’t – anymore. We wanted to build a company that takes care of business completely, that enables customers to function at the very highest level. We wanted customers to enjoy the uncompromising, personalized service that often seems to be missing in today’s business environment.

Our executive team members, who don’t eat, sleep or take time off until you’re satisfied that we have exceeded your expectations, include:
David Gansky
Richard Grossman
Allison Bolomey